Friday, June 22, 2012

It is a BIG DAY!

Today I bought my first pair of real, leather cowboy boots.

I love them! Wearing them as I write, got to break them in you know!

I've wanted a pair for a long time.

This country girl is thrilled.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Because of this

I made this:

Design by MB 
Lyrics from Jason Mraz, I Won't Give Up

Those little girls are amazing! Their cover was the first time I ever heard that song, and it has been stuck in my head for days since I first heard it. I mean days

I really loved that line "How old is your soul" - it seemed to stick out to me, kind of hit home. Although I love so many other lyrics as well. It is a splendidly written song. 

And so, as the designer I am, I had to go ahead and do something with those words stuck in my head.
I believe this is the first time I've shared a computer graphic design with you folks!

I'm kind of in love with that song.

Sleepy Kittens

Video made by: MB

Phoebe and Indiana

Nap Time

(Still trying to figure out putting videos on here, like why is it so small? But I love making videos like this — where it's just music and images. Hope you enjoy!)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Country

(Video by MB)

So, you probably didn't know that I make videos.

I'm not saying they're the best (for example you can see it's a bit shaky) due to the fact that I don't have loads of money to spend on expensive equipment. I do what I can with what I have, and most definitely enjoy it. And they tend to be enjoyable!

So here is a little video for ya'll from my current backyard, hope you enjoy it.

[I wouldn't make it full screen as the quality greatly declines. This is my first time uploading a video to Blogger, so I haven't worked out the kinks]