Saturday, December 17, 2011

Exploring a New Bakery

Our tasty treats: Doughnut Muffin, ginger cookie, coconut chocolate something
My younger brother (he's 14 yr.)

My little sister (she's 10 yr.)

My brother tried to get a picture of me, but it didn't work out so well haha, he zoomed in way too close!

My treat, it was delicious

My brother testing the stools to see if they spin. They did. 

Today I went Christmas shopping with my younger brother and sister, in near by village, just the three of us. It was really nice sibling time, and after we shopped for what we needed, we decided to check out this gorgeous Bakery. And oh my! 

It had a strong artisan feel, the place was all wood and country looking, but with great class. Every person had their own look, but somehow they all fit together. The place held a sense of appreciation for the community and environment.There was even a guy twirling pizza dough in the air to make it complete! Pizzas that would go into the brick oven shown above, I mean how perfect is that? I definitely feel in love with the vibes sent off from this bakery. To me, it felt like it belonged in the green mountains of Vermont. It just had that feel. It made me miss Vermont, so I know I'll be going back to this place soon!

On the way home my siblings and I song Christmas songs at the top of our lungs the whole way, and making up words or just humming the parts we didn't know. It was definitely a nice alone time with them. 


  1. Like Brenda said. Yummmm.
    I'd love to own a bakery and live upstairs.

  2. GPD - That would be so awesome! If you ever make that happen, let me know so I can come see it and eat yummy food! :D

  3. I am very, very glad that isn't near me! Oh my goodness, it looks amazing. Thanks for sharing this one. :)

  4. Jo - Thanks for reading it! haha It really was amazing. I couldn't believe my eyes!

  5. Darlene - :D there's nothing like fresh baked goods