Saturday, September 22, 2012

Zucchini Muffins & My life of late (in pictures)

Those muffins right there? I tell you, procrastination never tasted so good!

They are zucchini muffins, and I used zucchini I grew myself last year, shredded, and then froze.

Recipe can be found Here

But I had to alter the recipe when I made them, in the end it actually made them healthier!
I used a bit of butter, but substituted the majority of it with Coconut oil and butter. I also didn't have as much flour on hand as I thought, so I added almond meal/flour - which contains more protein!
They turned out great, no noticeable taste difference.

You might have noticed I haven't been around for a bit.
I've been super busy - school is in full swing!
But I'll try to remember to bring out my camera and take some pictures to show you guys.