Friday, February 10, 2012


Commence cheesy Photobooth pictures...

Indeed, I now have glasses for the first time in my life. I got them about a month ago, and they're for close work on computers, reading,  etc. It's a very slight prescription, but it's just enough so that they help. Don't get me wrong I have great eye sight, it's just that my eyes get tired really easily.

Anyhow, I knew if I was going to get glasses they'd have to be really cool, and so I found these ones. The colors, the design on the side, and the fit - Bingo.

I got used to them right away and don't mind wearing them. Although, my family has enjoyed saying how "studious", "smart",  and "good geeky" I look in them (like glasses add to your intelligence or something). But as an art student I was thrilled at the response my friend gave me "Oh they're so artsy I love them!". Yes, these glasses are the right ones for me.

I have enjoyed making things more dramatic by using the glasses, such as the "Look over the glasses stare" and "whipping the glasses off followed by a confident response" move. Yup I'm a real goof, and I'm liking these glasses.


  1. That right glasses make your face brighter. If you really want to be special get a necklace/lanyard to match it.

    1. haha yeah that would be cool to have that for my glasses!