Thursday, February 16, 2012


It's been a tiring week and today is my last to go-go-go. I always have Friday's off, and so Thursday night is when my weekend begins. Let me tell you, I was so ready for this one.
These are my ingredients for a night of recouping and relaxing:

-Organic Raspberry's (to die for, oh perfectly ripe and full of flavor. I tell you everything tastes better when you know it's the weekend)
-Jennie's Macaroon (those puppies are perfect. There's only one in a pack so you really enjoy what you get, plus you can't feel guilty because all they have in them is Coconut, Honey, and Egg Whites. That is literally it. Sulfate free, gluten free, soy free, wheat free, lactose free, trans fat free, with all that FREE they're most certainly Guilt Free haha. I still can't believe they only are made of 3 ingredients. This isn't sponsored or anything [ha that'll be the day], these things have just made my weekly shopping list and I thought I'd share. Yes I am a label reading, organic eating, person - I like it that way)
-Popcorn (of course with butter, yum.)
-Dark Chocolate (because who doesn't love chocolate. Delicious. I'm picky with chocolate, it's gotta be good. Usual I go for milk chocolate too, but I found a Dove dark chocolate bar in the freezer last week [I'm sure it was my dad's] and I feel in love with the smooth deliciousness of this bar and had to get one for myself.)

Since President's day is next week I have a long weekend. It will be spent doing lots of homework, celebrating my little brother's birthday (he's going to be 15 on saturday! I can't believe it, but I'm proud of him and love that kid), and in there I'll fit in some time to restore some energy to this tired mind and body! My snacks helped me get started on that path of relaxing a bit. Ah, it's the little things in life - they can be so yummy!

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