Friday, July 27, 2012

Finding the best Creemee (Vemont 2012)

Sunday came around.
My dear friends had things of their own to do that morning, so my brother and I needed something to do. An idea struck — "Go on an adventure to find the best creemee!"

So after my brother and I went to 8:30am Mass, we headed off (without having eaten breakfast mind you) to find the best creemee. 

We were up to early, nothing opened until 10am, so we stopped here to pass the time:

And I got this bumper sticker (yup I love VT that much):

Then we went back to sample our first creemee of the day!

Stop 1: Sunoco Gas Station
We got here too early (actually too early to all of the places) but when they finally opened, they hadn't turned on the all the machines yet, so my creemee wasn't very creamy. It had that almost crunchy, ice consistency — but the flavor was great. To make our comparisons fair, my brother got Black Raspberry at every stop, and I got maple. 

 Stop 2: Burlington Bay Market & Cafe
This one had a creamy consistency! Perhaps not as flavorful as the gas station creemee, but good.   

Stop 3: Al's French Fries and Ice Cream
This one got the gold star. By far the largest size, it was creamy - great consistency and had good flavor. At this point I was getting sick of ice cream (after all this was our breakfast) and sadly could not finish the entire cone. But this was both our favorite!
Next time, I'll be getting the black raspberry - I think I'm done with maple for a while!

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