Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Feather Hair Extensions

You can see a couple here, especially that grizzly one.
This one likes to hide in my hair!

Here you can see the grizzly and one of the white feathers.

Here I'm just being silly ;)
For a graduation gift to myself (and because my mom wouldn't let me get them before I graduated) I got 4 feather hair extensions put in my hair at a salon. Let me tell you, it has been love after that! I currently have 10 in my hair right now, and put the last 6 in myself. The are easy you just put them in and POW! You can wash, dry, straighten, and curl these babies with no worries! The only thing you have to watch for is when you brush or comb your hair (as to not catch the beads).

I love having them in my hair as I think it adds a nice personal touch and is a form of self expression. If you're interested in me telling you how they're put in/how to put them in yourself just comment below!

Feather hair extensions are really fun, don't hurt your hair, and can be a nice natural why to add "highlight look" to your hair!

[Writing this post has made me want more! Hmmm...we'll see if I end up having 11 or 12 in my hair by the end of the night! HAHA!]

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