Saturday, March 17, 2012

Traveling Feet

Today was a beautiful day. I think it's funny that I got this idea to photograph my feet, because I'm not really a fan of my feet. They're small, but vexingly wide, which makes shoes that fit nicely hard to find. I just don't like the way they look, but I thought maybe if I focused on them like this I would somehow not hate them so much. I don't think it worked, but hey I'm going past my dislike for their shape and turning it into art (if that's what you could call it). 

Anyhow, enough with my feet criticism! I started off walking with my flip-flops on, but because I'm just a country girl, I soon lost the shoes and went through the woods, mud, and water barefoot. Just the way I like it. It was wonderful, especially getting my feet in that water. 

Eh, so this is kind of a different post, but when I get an idea I have to do it! 

And Mr. Weather, why do you have me wanting to wear shorts and think of summer when it's only march? You scare me sir. If you get any warmer, I can't imagine what you'll be sending down in August! Slow down buddy.

Also this half-irish girl would like to wish you all a wonderful St. Patrick's Day! 


  1. Love the simplicity of your picture and posts! Glad you enjoyed your day, it looked like fun! :)

    1. Thank you, I try to keep them simple but at the same time beautiful :)

  2. Now I want to put my feet in water!