Monday, March 5, 2012

What My Evening Looks Like

This is me this evening.

After a tired day, I'm taking a short break, sitting on the couch with a delicious and healthy snack, and watching episodes of Friends

Today was one of those days I wish I could have just stayed in bed and slept for most of the day. Ah! But when that alarm went off at 7am I become a walking body of tiredness. Today was colder out than it has been in a while, so I blame that for my want of the warmth of my bed and some good cozy sleep.

Now to do a little homework and then eventually get some much wanted sleep. 

What does your evening look like?


  1. It's quiet here tonight. I caught up with a few Facebook friends, gabbed on the phone with another friend, and now I'm settling in with a coffee and my keyboard. :O)

  2. Looks like a relaxing night, and I love the photos of the orange!