Wednesday, May 30, 2012

They came today!

Photography by MB

Meet my new Teva sandals.

I am happy to announce that these are the first pair of shoes I've had that I can truly say fit like a glove. That is a huge deal for me. It's a new feeling to have shoes that really fit on my feet! You see, my feet are small (these are a size 5 - yes the smallest size they have in women's), but they are also wide and taller. So how surprised and happy was I when I put these guys on? Very.

What's cool about Teva sandals like this, is that they are super durable (which is why they're not cheap). You can wear them in the water, walking in the woods, and everywhere in-between. Love that about them. I can tell already they'll be my main footwear (when I even wear shoes) this summer. They are adventure ready and so versatile!

I am excited and pleased.

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