Saturday, December 3, 2011

Playing With Focus

Ah! How I love white christmas lights! Paired with the christmas feeling, a tree, or snow, they just seem to have a magical feeling to them. I've been playing with manual focus, as you can see. I wanted this to start out quite distorted, only to reveal the true form of the lights in the end.

I've been having fun playing with photography, and I am seriously considering minoring in it! I really do love it. Also I've never taken any real classes in photography, so I think it would be a great learning experience!


  1. I love the way you did this, revealing them a little at a time. Very nice!

  2. The reveal was a surprise. I thought I was looking at large woven light fixtures.

  3. Word Nerd - Thank you :D

    Gene Pool Diva - My hope was that it would be some kind of surprise at the end, I'm happy to see it was! :D

  4. wow its all beautiful......even when out of focus!! hehe